Criminal Law

Led by the Silicon Valley office, the Criminal Law Group defends individuals and companies accused of crimes in state and federal court.  Arrests and investigations can have a traumatic effect on our clients, their families, their co-workers, and their businesses.  We work with the government to diffuse investigations before criminal charges are filed.  When charges are filed, we aggressively protect our clients’ rights by challenging each and every piece of the government’s case.  Our reputation for fierce trial advocacy generates the best results for our clients.    

Crime victims also have rights, including the right to restitution for all losses.  We represent victims in criminal and civil courts.  Our lawyers and staff conduct independent investigations to trace stolen funds and to identify co-conspirators.  We work cooperatively with the government to strengthen criminal cases while pursuing civil cases to vindicate our clients’ rights. 

Many hardworking immigrants now face deportation for convictions and sentences they served long ago.  We seek post-conviction relief for immigrants to help them avoid deportation.  We also advise those charged with crimes of immigration-neutral dispositions. 

We are former prosecutors, public defenders, and law enforcement employees who use our knowledge, experience, and relationships to advance our clients’ interests at every stage of criminal proceedings. 

Representative Attorneys

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