Crisis Management

When a crisis arises, Messner Reeves LLP is equipped and prepared to address the situation and respond in a professional and timely manner. We are focused on investigating the facts, and advising our clients on the best course of immediate action to prevent initial damage from spreading to the client's reputation and business interests.

Our priority is to assemble a team of dedicated individuals trained to meet your crisis needs and provide practical advice and assistance. Our primary focus is to quickly and competently manage any crisis situation, large or small. With nine offices in Colorado, California, Nevada, New York, and Utah, our team is well positioned for coverage and providing clients with services in every market. When the situation requires, our team partners side-by-side with our client, providing advice, managing conflict, assisting with public relations and guiding the process round-the-clock for as long as is needed. As the crisis passes, Messner attorneys will assist in debriefing and discuss how best to learn from the experience and avoid future related risk.

Forward thinking companies have discovered Messner Reeves can assist proactively in crisis management and prevention. Building upon our experience, we are able to anticipate crises and contemplate responses should such crises occur. Our crisis prevention is designed not only to prepare clients for potential crises but also to help them foresee crisis before it occurs.

Our collective crises prevention and management experience cover a wide range of issues including:

• Federal Investigations (SEC, FDA, CDC, DOJ, HHS, OCR, EEOC)
• Government Audits, Inspections
• White Collar Criminal Defense
• Employee Misconduct, including Theft, Embezzlement, Misuse of Expense Reports
• Sexual harassment, employment discrimination
• Termination, removal or resignation of key executives or board members
• Patent Infringement
• Data security breaches, including loss or inadvertent release of proprietary or confidential information
• Food Borne Illness, Food Poisoning, Adulterated Food Products
• Product Recall, Product Liability
• Shareholder Derivative or Class Action Lawsuits
• Conflicts of Interest
• Financial and Business Restructuring

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