Restaurant & Hospitality Practice Group

At Messner Reeves, we employ a client-focused, solution-oriented approach that has earned the trust of some of the most successful businesses in the country - from individual proprietors to Fortune 500 companies, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.   We have established a relationship with Chipotle that spans over 18 years, from a neighborhood burrito shop to a publicly traded entity with an international presence.

Our years of experience and growth acting as outside general counsel to Chipotle has enabled our firm to provide an objective perspective on their business needs, their priorities, and their business goals. In turn, we leverage this know-how to provide the best legal services to our other restaurant and hospitality clients, regardless of their size.

We understand that a successful restaurant or hotel not only requires excellent food and service but also requires strict intellectual property protections, a functional corporate structure, savvy lease or real property purchase negotiations, timely obtaining permits (including liquor licensing) and proper employment procedures. In addition, we counsel our restaurant and hospitality clients on financing issues they might face; including raising public and private capital, mergers and acquisitions, and complicated financings (equity or debt).

Our lawyers who practice in the restaurant and hospitality industry provide comprehensive counsel to restaurant and hospitality companies and their owners, operators, managers, landlords, tenants, franchisors and lenders. Drawing upon our firm resources, we counsel the restaurant and hospitality industry in such areas as:

•    Corporate Transactions 
•    Crisis Management
•    Civil Litigation
•    Estate & Business Planning
•    Food Safety Consulting & Litigation
•    Franchisee Representation 
•    I-9 Compliance and Work Authorization
•    Intellectual Property & Trademarks
•    Labor and Employment
•    Liquor Licensing
•    Multi-State Expansion
•    Product Recall, Product Liability
•    Real Estate & Commercial Leasing
•    Tax and Private Client Services
•    Workers' Compensation



Success Stories

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In 1998, Tom Wolvin and Peter Smith had a vision of an HVAC and Plumbing company that was different than the rest.  Yes, the company would provide service, repair and installations of furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and plumbing fixtures; like thousands of companies in the Denver metro area, but the customer experience would be different- much different. 

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