Tender Belly


What do you do with an old family recipe for super tasty bacon?  Turn it into a thriving business of course.  That’s exactly what brothers and business partners, Erik and Shannon Duffy, did with their secret recipe for cured bacon.  The curing process may take 16 days but it is well worth it when the top restaurants in town are singing your praises and ordering 6,000 pounds of pork a week.  
The secret rub recipe isn’t the only thing that makes this bacon special; it is actually starts with the pigs.  As Iowa transplants, the Duffy brothers grew up eating pigs raised on their grandfather’s farm- the proper way with a vegetarian diet, open space and lots of sunshine and mud.  The taste of a pig raised in a humane environment verse a factory farmed pig is night and day and people are taking notice.  Chefs are clamoring to get their hands on entire pigs and turning them into main courses, roasts, sausages and stocks. 

Luckily, chefs aren’t the only ones with access to Tender Belly pork.  Tender Belly is now featured at Tony’s Market locations and Lucky’s Market in Boulder.  The Duffy brothers are keeping themselves and Iowa farmers busy as they keep up with increasing wholesale orders and retail expansion plans.

Messner Reeves has had the pleasure of being general counsel to this ever growing company that is taking Colorado’s food scene by storm.  “When two brothers start a company based on hand shake deals and the business planning is done over beers there are a lot of holes in the “system”.  Messner Reeves has had the ability to quickly understand our business, get us compliant, and then help us grow our business through there extensive network of clients.   We have the upmost confidence that our team at Messner Reeves has us adequately protected across all fronts so as to avoid big issues down the road.  Great people to have on your side in business and in life! “

We look forward to watching and supporting Tender Belly’s grow and providing exceptional service along the way.


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Tender Belly

At Messner Reeves, we have always had a soft spot for the entrepreneur, one that takes great risks and pours innovation and initiative into a good idea to make it grow.  Grow is exactly what Tender Belly is doing.

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