Tax & Private Client Services

Messner Reeves provides a full range of taxation and tax planning services to our clients on individual, corporate, partnership, estate and trust matters.  In particular, we assist our clients with the tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale transactions, tax-free reorganizations, liquidations, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, operating agreements, LLC agreements and partnerships agreements.

Messner Reeves also provides comprehensive estate planning for individuals and their families. We focus on our clients’ business needs as well as their personal needs. Our attorneys work closely with accountants, financial consultants, insurance agents, and other advisors to create estate and tax planning documents that meet all of the clients’ objectives while minimizing costs, delays and taxes.  Estate Planning need not be limited to transfer of wealth or assets at death, but should contemplate a comprehensive plan taking into account the current structure of assets, particularly closely held businesses, and how to preserve the value of the assets for future generations through appropriate succession planning.

Areas of Practice Include:

• Corporate Taxation

• Partnership Taxation

• Individual, Estate and Trust Taxation

• Tax Controversies & Litigation

• International Taxation

• Not-for-Profit and Tax Exempt Organizations

• Tax Allocations

• Merger and Acquisitions

• Tax-Free Reorganizations

• Liquidations

• Partnership Agreements

• Operating and Limited Liability Company Agreements

• Federal, State and Local Taxations

• Estate Planning

• Trust Administration

• Estate Administration

• Business Succession Planning

• Planning for Liquidity Events

• Structuring Closely Held Business

Success Stories

Horizon Mechanical

In 1998, Tom Wolvin and Peter Smith had a vision of an HVAC and Plumbing company that was different than the rest.  Yes, the company would provide service, repair and installations of furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and plumbing fixtures; like thousands of companies in the Denver metro area, but the customer experience would be different- much different. 

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